Something I have learnt through my own injuries, is that depression can be caused by head injuries. My fight for finding out what was wrong with me and being ignored by medical professions, lead me to find out I have damage to a small part of my brain.

Years of struggling with depression, thobbed off with anti-depressants that actually made me worse and it was worse than everyone realised. With the right support and treatment, I could have been better much sooner.

You ever find yourself stressed out to the max and wondering why you can not cope? Depressed and wondering why now? Agitated and think its all because of anxiety? confused about life? searching for something you do not understand? Sleep problems? and much more!!

Have you ever hit your head or suffered a head injury in the past? That is your starting point right there. Find a doctor who will listen, then fight for assessments and scans. Even if these are fine….at least you will know it is psychological and not physical. The two are different and I feel medical practitioners should be assessing anyone with a mental illness, for past head injuries. The correct treatment and rehabilitation, a long with correct information is much more beneficial to recovery, than being thobbed off with a psychiatric problem. We all deserve the right diagnosis…..fight for you rights!!


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