So I dedicated myself to playing an instrument, learning to read music and playing a long with others. It is one of the hardest things to do with an invisible injury. The noise can be overwhelming causing headaches, fatigue and agitation; but for me, I feel it is something I need to overcome.

I have the upper hand of course, when younger; I played in a band and learnt to play a few different instruments (drum, glock, trumpet and a bit of the guitar) even after the major operation I had had on my head. It was hard, but I noticed my brain was adapting in other ways; listening to the keys, music by real artists and visually watching others. I learned to ask for people to show me, even though it drove them insane by having to repeat over and over again. But I grasped it and didn’t care what others thought….I was adamant I was going to master it. I wasn’t great like, but I could play some music and learnt from it.

Now, years later after repeated head injuries; I have gone back to playing and I find it harder than ever. But it is slowly coming with repetitive practice. My problem is…..I can forget a song after I have learnt it, no matter how many times I practice. On the good days; I may remember. On the bad days; its as if I have only just started playing and never had experience before. This is the problem I am finding with relearning, or even learning a new skill.

Music is a great stepping stone for helping a TBI survivor. Our brains have the ability to create new path ways – we just need to figure out what that path way is. Are you visual? Could you repeat what others show you? Could you follow a tutor on youtube? Could you read music and play along? If you take something and break it down into small pieces, then repeat, repeat, repeat…..would you be able to master the art and enhance your brain?

You never know, until you try!! Is there anyone here that loves playing music with a TBI? Would be interesting to see other peoples views and coping techniques, or even how you learn?



2 thoughts on “TBI & Playing Music

  1. One of the things my neuropsych actually suggested for me, since I played music when I was much younger, was to try music again. I just sort of snickered because at the time the tinnitus was so bad that I often couldn’t hear out of the right side of my head, let alone listen to or create my own music. After a couple of years after my most recent (5th of 7) complex concussion, I took a leap and wanted to see if that part of my brain had retained itself. I was always able to pick up any instrument and just “know” how to play it. I tried violin for the first time, and I could do it!!! It was an amazing feeling. Someday I will buy my own violin and play it Just Because I Can. Instead, quieter, I now can “do art” where I could not even trace properly before my 5th of 7 head injuries. Brains are fascinating things…


    • Wow…good to hear you are doing positive things. I was so proud yesterday when I played with a band. Wasn’t much, but to me, I had practiced and practiced so hard just to be able to do it, and I walked away last night thinking….YES, we are on to something here, I can see some improvements in areas. But the effort that goes in to just remember one song is draining. Then I find on other days, I will not remember how it goes lol. I do laugh about it, its all we can do hey. Glad the art is going well for you and yes the brain is very fascinating.


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