Traumatic Brain Injuries can be quite hard for people to understand, and I actually mean the person who is dealing with the injury. From my own experience, I never knew anything was wrong and was very forgetful. If I had of known then, what I know now; these simple coping tools would have taken so much stress of my shoulders. As a brain Injury survivor, stress is the number one illness I have to try and overcome. Some of us do not show it and deal with it in our own ways, for others, it can be quite a serious illness and lead to many other physical illness’s.

I realised this myself due to a decrease in my overall health. Stress had taken control of my life in ways I did not understand and I was not accepting of my own difficulties as well. But then when I realised the problem and accepted it. I made a few changes to my own life. Here are those few changes;

  1.  White board – Weekly one – when rubbish goes out, washing clothes days, clean my bird cage out, water plant, appointments, courses and anything I need to be reminded of for that week ahead.
  2. Blank white board – Daily routine – Brush teeth, wash, get dressed, when to eat, medication times etc All these tasks have a time and I set the alarm in my phone.
  3. Pin up board – Those important letters, gas certificate, bills etc
  4. Calendar – Birthdays, paydays, I even repeat some stuff in case I miss it in other places.
  5. Phone reminders – Birthdays, medication, meetings, appointments etc
  6. I explain to friends who make arrangements – please could you keep reminding me as the event comes up.

I know this can sound overwhelming to many with a TBI, we all manage differently and are at different stages. No TBI is the same. But for those who struggle on their own, without family help and the right support (because lets face it, we push people away or people take a dislike to us because we are not who they think we should be due to lack of understanding) these tasks I put in place every Sunday – a day when I know I am on my own and need to plan a head if I want a good week. Admittedly, I can not always follow my own routine, but I practice in hope it will come natural again.

Hope this helps and stay strong 🙂


5 thoughts on “TBI & Memory Aids

  1. I find that people look at me funny when I say I hate Fridays. I hate Fridays. I am D O N E by a Friday and all I want is to crawl inside a literal dark, cold cave and hibernate until the pain goes away. Some weeks are so hard that I spend Friday after work until Monday morning in bed, hiding under the blankets only coming out to feed the cat, take meds, pee, and maybe eat food. Stress blows.

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  2. I find a tablet really helps. I can set reminders for what I need. Keeping things in a routine also helps. I take my medication same time everyday, cued to feeding the cat in the morning and taking care of the ferrets in the evening. I also have a reminder set in my tablet.

    White boards are a great idea also. Sort of the same thing.

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      • Usually when I get to the point that I can’t use the tablet I’m totally wiped out and need sleep. I like being able to bring it with me. It makes shopping and setting up schedules for appointments much easier. I don’t have to worry about losing the appointment card if I get it into the calendar,

        A back up is a good idea. I’m going to get one to have another reminder for medications.

        One thing I learned is that I have good days and bad days in terms of function. I try to roll with it.

        Improvement happens over time. Nueroplasticity. Our brains keep slowly developing neurons.

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